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Our job is done, now it's your turn... Not looking after your tattoo properly may result in loss of quality, so you should follow these instructions carefully... Do not listen to your friends and people in bars who think they have a better idea.


  1. Remove bandage in 1-2 hours.
  2. Wash tattoo gently with warm water and mild soap. Pat dry.
  3. Keep clean and dry for the first few days, repeating step 2 three times a day.
  4. Apply a thin layer of lotion after a few days and then as needed (between 2-6 times/day) for about a week or until the skin is no longer dry. 


Special notes: 


  • Any unscented and dye-free moisturizing lotion will work great. (Such as Lubriderm, Curel, etc.)
  • Don't use fancy creams, hippy potions, or perfumed lotions.
  • You do not need antibiotic creme.
  • Showers are fine. Baths, swimming, sauna, and any other kind of soaking are prohibited until the tattoo is healed.
  • No sun or tanning until the tattoo is completely healed.
  • Sunburn on a fresh tattoo can cause severe irritation and allergy.
  • Do NOT pick, scratch, or help the scab to come off.
  • If you have any questions please call the person who did your tattoo.
  • Using the strongest sunscreen available on a normal basis on your tattoo will help prolong the color of your tattoo.

Fine Print:

Follow these directions and all tattoos from Farsyde are gauranteed two weeks after death, unless cremation occurs. Failure to follow these directions can void the lifetime warranty of your tattoo.


Last updated on Aug 20, 2016 by Jarod Powell